We all store some files, but why should you be wasting the storage space of your computer or phone, if you can easily store these online? Thanks to technology and the advent of the Internet, we can easily switch from using a local storage into a remote, serve-based storage and processing– this is known as the cloud.

That said, allow us to discuss one cloud storage provider available– premium.


With Hitfile, especially a hitfile premium account, you’ll be able to upload a lot of files without any problems at all. In fact, you don’t even have to register before you can use this platform. Instead, the files are pulled in the corresponding field and you can start uploading. The only problem with a free account is that it takes a lot of time before you can start completely upload the file as the upload speed is ridiculously low. Likewise, there’s a limit of 200 MB with a free account, but with both accounts, you’ll get a link once the upload is completed and you can share this through social media. Broken downloads can also be resumed and you’ll be able to manage and organize your files without much issues at all.

Product Details

Just like what has been mentioned earlier, registration is not necessary to be able to use this cloud storage provider. However, if you want to enjoy a decent upload speed, then you better invest in a premium account. Aside from that, by having a Hitfile turbo, you’ll also enjoy a lot of benefits.

As for the security measures they practice, although there’s no clear explanation on how they protect their clients, if you’ll check their terms and conditions, it’s stated that the service is regularly maintained in order to prevent further problems. There’s also an SSL connection that ensures there wouldn’t be unauthorized transfer of data, and the TOS talks clearly about the responsibilities of the user. As for the payment options, the company uses external service providers.

Ease of Use

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Usability plays a very important role in file uploads, and Hitfile offers that. You can easily upload a file by simply dragging and dropping it down to their corresponding field or the file in the folder marked. For users who have to upload multiple files, they can simply utilize the uploaded of Hitfile. Even the management and organization are simplified– users can easily choose whether they rather use a private FTP upload or something else. As for unregistered users, they are allowed to upload up to 200 bytes of files. As for registered users, they can upload up to 100 gigabytes and there’s also a reseller program that’s almost like affiliate marketing.

Premium benefits

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  • Once uploaded, files are readily available for download
  • Unlimited storage space for premium account holders
  • File management for easy organization
  • Download-continued supported
  • Affordable
  • Maximum download speed to enjoy


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The good thing about this cloud storage provider is the fact that they do offer some level of backup. That means it follows logically that any files uploaded on the site would give you the confidence that they’re protected from disc failures because there would be a readily available copy of the file from the cloud. Basically, you’ll never have to worry about losing your file anymore. Hitfile will back it up for you at a very affordable price.

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Help and Support

Unfortunately, just like other cloud other cloud storage providers out there, you really cannot call the support. Instead, you’ll be getting an ICQ number between Monday-Saturday that would allow you to reach them. There’s also a FAQs section with general questions in both English and Russian. They also have additional support, such as sending a ticket, which you’ll be getting a response after a couple of days. Unfortunately, they don’t have a German support.

Final Words

As you can see, offers a number of advantages, such as the opportunity to use their cloud storage without the need to create an account. That means you’ll be able to give your colleagues access to the files you wish to share, as long as you have the URL link. The hitfile premium prices are in dollars, and they are quite affordable, but that’s not all, they offer a variety of payment options, which means you’ll definitely find one that you’re most comfortable with.